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Wheel & Tyre Servicing Stickers - Goodyear

Note: This is a Goodyear Autocare product, check out our regular version here.

If you’re fitting, fixing or aligning tyres or wheels and serious about advertising, you NEED customised tyre stickers, and we’re so committed to producing the best stickers available that we designed and built our own equipment to produce them.
This means we’re not limited to ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment shortcomings and are continually developing and refining.
No fading, peeling or ‘dusting’. We guarantee it.

However you get your service customers, getting your logo and details right where your customer sees it every day will mean they keep coming back.

- Full colour on both sides
- Cost-effective
- Small or large runs
- Effective repeat marketing

NOTE Always include a space to check spare tyres, and include psi levels for added customer convenience and safety.

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