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  • Scent options and strengths
  • Packaging options +Add branded label, or Include printed Cover to the scented insert
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Scented Inserts

Offer scented refills for our Vent Activated Air Fresheners to keep top customers coming back and their vehicles smelling fresh! 

  • Vent activated air fresheners packaged and sold separately
  • Ceramic scented disk insert fits inside (40mm)
  • Scent lasts up to 30 days.

Ceramic scented disk inserts sold and sealed individually.

  • Add individual branded paper label | Full colour 45mm
  • Include packaging cover | Full colour print, 95x65mm, assembled 
Scent options and strengths
  • Summer is a strong sweet burst of orange lemon citrus with a whiff of a warm refreshing ocean breeze!
  • Mint has a sweet leafy freshness that resemble earthy notes picked straight from the garden.
  • Linen has a subtle yet clean cozy aroma of cotton with a hint of a fresh ocean breeze drying your washing on the line.


See product images for sample of different options

Individually packaged inserts

$0.95 each

Individually packaged inserts with branded label

$1.00 each

Individually packaged inserts with branded card packaging cover

$1.50 each

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