Registration Holders
Registration HoldersRegistration HoldersRegistration HoldersRegistration HoldersRegistration Holders

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A fantastic form of advertising, highlighting value added services and creating…


The Registration Holders second function is to hold the license, the first and main function is to promote your business!! Available in DOUBLE SIDED – FULL COLOUR.  Permanent display of YOUR  logo & details, order quantities low enough for any workshop to maximize their marketing potential.


TIP #5 SHARE CLIENTS WITH OTHERS Show exclusive specials or promote additional services.

Combine marketing strategies and share clients with other business’s. It doesn’t even have to be with a complimentary business, but if you can create a beneficially mutual relationship with a company, you can increase your marketing exposure while cutting your marketing spend. Is there a local cafe to where you can send your clients on ‘While you wait’ jobs, who would be happy to display your advertising cards? Does your friend have a windscreen repair business with which you could share space and costs on a registration holder?

Custom Registration Holders | 112x92mm

  • x100      $2.20 each –  $220
  • x200      $1.95 each –  $390
  • x250      $1.86 each –  $465
  • x500      $1.60 each –  $795
  • x1000    $1.30 each –  $1295
  • x2000    $1.15 each – $2295
    Prices Exclude GST & shipping

DOUBLE POCKET Rego Holders also available.