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Vent Activated Air Fresheners

Smell triggers memories or emotions more than sight or sound (the Proust effect apparently). But while some of us don’t mind the smell of 10W40 in the morning, most customers prefer something with a little more bouquet.
Designed to look just as good as they smell, these vent activated air fresheners are guaranteed to impress your customers.
Gift to your most valued ones or sell for an easy profit. prices. 

Scent options and strengths:
Summer is a sweet burst of orange lemon citrus with a whiff of a warm refreshing ocean breeze (without the dead fish)! Our strongest option to cover all manner of nasty aromas (such as dead fish).
Mint has a sweet leafy freshness that resembles earthy notes picked straight from the garden.
Linen has a gentle ‘feel good’ aroma of cotton straight out of the dryer. Is there anything more homely?

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Standard Vinyl
100 / $345.00
200 / $610.00
500 / $1,375.00
1000 / $2,550.00
Premium Domed
100 / $395.00
200 / $710.00
500 / $1,650.00
1000 / $3,100.00
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