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Easy to access and information rich information about your services

Being able to tell your clients what you do is a no-brainer but it's about being able to engage as many potential customers as possible.

So just like the proceeding web page, providing a quick summary allows customers to quickly get an over-view of all the services you offer, giving the opportunity for time-constrained customers to short-cut the detail stuff and go straight to 'book now' with minimal fuss or false obstacles.

If you're reading this then you probably like a little more detail, so a 'read more'
page provides this, along with the opportunity to expand on some of the technical
points and create overlaps with other pages. A contact link still captures potential clients but in this instance they're going to be a little more pre-qualified and one step closer to a paid conversion.


You've probably tried to wade through web pages with screens of copy that's hard to read or comprehend. This is a carry-over from web developers that focused on key-word / phrase overload to the detriment of good grammar in order to maximise google page visibility.

Google 'bots' are a lot smarter these days and can tell the difference between
readable / relevant content and 'keyword fluff". Our copy keeps it simple, to the point and keeps potential customers engaged which still providing key-word "bites' that not only help with geo-SEO but also create great 'landing pages' for adwords marketing.

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