Become a go-to expert with a relevant automotive wiki on your site.
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Providing information as a public service for your visitors is a great way to establish yourself as an independent authority and expert at what you do.

But there’s a lot more to Wikicar than just providing visitor education.
Like the ‘Your Services’ component, Wikicar is keyword rich content that provides excellent visibility to google and adwords landing pages. 

It’s also a great resource for referring customer inquiries to, potentially reducing technician down-time and increasing jobs.
For instance, if you’ve completed a service, noticed a CV boot needs replacing but don’t have time to raise this with your customer immediately, this can be communicated at pick-up time or even post pick-up via email and link to your Wikicar page.

And for those potential customers that do have the time and inclination to fully browse your site, it simply adds relevant content that increases site visit time and page visits, all good data that helps with your built-in SEO.

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