Price relevant eCommerce servicing + AfterPay
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Price relevant servicing and online payment

The growth in online sales has grown considerably, especially since covid.

Even people who were dedicated to bricks and mortar shopping are now comfortable with buying and paying for goods and services online, simply because they have had to!


The hard part of offering servicing as an online book and pay service is that vehicles have such a wide range of service costs.

But we’ve put in the hard yards and created two ways of generating vehicle relevant pricing which means when a customer books in an VW R32 hatchback, the pricing displayed at checkout is correct.



Sometimes it’s hard up-selling your own services or even having the time to do so.

As well as displaying vehicle relevant pricing, our e-servicing component can do it for your by offering a range of ‘discounted extras’ to be included.

Customers even have the option of adding ‘addition concerns’ at booking.

Both of these options open the doors for increased work per visit meaning more profit at the end of the day.


Payment with afterpay

Getting paid for servicing before a customer even turns up can’t be a bad thing right?

And we’ve made it easy with ‘Pay online’ or ‘Afterpay’ (paid over 6 weeks)

Complete control

You stay in control with your own management portal. Accept bookings, manage parts ordering and Technician assignment from one spot.

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