Website as a service?

WaaS that?

In a nutshell, ‘Website as a Service’ is basically leasing a website rather than buying a website that ends up depreciating faster than a spanking new Maserati.


What’s wrong with buying a website:

Firstly, developers need to cover the upfront cost of creating the site which means you’re potentially up for big bucks.

Also, to get it to where you’re happy to hit the GO button requires a lot of your time educating the developer on the subtleties of how Workshops operate.

Finally, even the best $5k+ website from 5 years ago won't be up to date today – not because your developer has done things on the cheap – but because a lot of the web technology, APIs, integrations, performance and security enhancements available today did not even exist 5 years ago, meaning any shiny new ‘static’ website has a pretty limited shelf life.


So what advantages does leasing give me?

If you’ve got a few spare hours you can Google it (don’t trust our word), but if you’ve got work to do, we’ve condensed most of what you need to know into  the following bullet points,

Note, some of these are exclusive to the websites we offer.

  • No upfront cost. A monthly fee covers the ongoing work we do and essentially spreads your investment.
  • We manage it, we look after it and make sure it’s always tuned perfectly.
  • New features are always available. Make use of our dedicated development team.
  • You’re not having to pay for the proprietary technology and content we offer.
  • Your website grows with your business and never dates or needs replacing.
  • Need to make changes or alterations to details? We’ve got it covered.
  • SEO and Google adword friendly from the get-go. No need for extra cost
  • Orange Dog ONLY work with Workshops. We just sort it for you. Quick, easy.


So who is it good for?

SaaS is the ultimate solution for small to medium Workshops that want a professional website without significant up-front investment, that’s fully managed and stays ‘live’ with updates and developments.


Still not sure? Make us prove it first.

Just tell us you're after a new website, that’s all you need to do.

We’ll build a working sample for you to take for a spin at no cost, no strings attached.

If you don’t think our site will enhance your business, all good. Otherwise, let's get the ball rolling and start creating new business.

Ready to pull the pin?

If you already have your Google Business Profile sorted and are ready to just go full steam ahead with the online side of things, flick me an email and we'll get it all sorted out.