Winter Check Up

Winter is coming... It might be a good idea to post out a flyer to prospect clients by targeting a radius surrounding your auto shop - Marketing your workshop with a special seasonal offer really does work! Remind them of any of A/C breaks downs or radiators that may need fixing on their vehicle and, be sure your clients will think of YOU rather than your competitors.

If a client visits your workshop at least 2-3 times within 12 months, they're a lot closer to becoming loyal, repeat customers (assuming you treat them right). Sometimes, it's just a matter of getting them into your workshop on a regular basis, even if what you are offering is a free service.... ie. creating a 'FREE, pre-winter check' that takes a mechanic less than 5 minutes, this not only builds that trust and loyalty. Winter is a great opportunity to ensure their vehicle is safe and to point out issues that may need resolving in order to survive the chilly months (adding additional work for your business).

Talk to our creative team today about custom targeted marketing!