Aiming for perfect (customers)

Some will haggle for the cheapest option, question everything you’ve done and then drag out payment, while others are an absolute dream to work for. If you want to minimise stress and maximise profit, make sure it’s the dream clients that keep coming back.

If potential customers start looking for discounts, making demands for urgency or generally waving red flags, be prepared to stick to your guns.

Don’t compromise your service, value or reputation just to get a sale. Yes, you already know this but the squeakiest wheels also have an annoying ability to sell their plight.

Identifying the ‘perfect’ customer is usually pretty easy. They trust your opinion, work in with you and appreciate the value of your expertise.

They key is to making sure these guy’s are the ones that keep coming back.This can be done in a number of ways, the first is making it easy for them to do business with you (see tip 3).


Maintaining good communication throughout and even between visits.
Letting them know you actually appreciate their custom.
Giving them good excuses to return regularly (see tip 6).
Making sure they have good access to your branding & details (check out our QR cards).

Looking after key customers doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s simply about adding value to what they get out of choosing your Workshop. A great side benefit is that ‘perfect’ customers often bring in others through word-of-mouth.

Your job satisfaction and your wallet will thank you.