Share clients

Got a friend or associate that run their own business?

It doesn’t even have to be with a complimentary business. There are often opportunities where two non-competing business’s can leverage off their own customer base to create a beneficially mutual relationship that can increase marketing exposure while cutting marketing spend.

Take a look around and firstly, think about what you could offer to other business’s in terms of helping them spread the word or provide opportunities, then work out how a mutual approach would benefit your business.

Feel free to give us a call if you want to run ideas by us or for a shared print and promotional quote.

Here’s a couple of quick examples to get the thought process going:

Is there a local cafe to where you can send your customers on ‘while you wait’ jobs, who would be happy to display your advertising cards?

Does a friend have a windscreen repair business with which you could share space and costs on a combined flyer or other promotional item?

Would the local Vet be keen on advertising space in your reception in exchange for kind?

Is the local Tyre workshop keen on a ‘combo-package’ special?