Join a group

There’s a number of excellent Automotive Supply groups, Co-op’s and franchises available that can offer marketing advantages, group buyer discounts, all-in-one accounting solutions or other shared benefits that can make the running of your business smoother and easier.

Each will have it’s own up-sides, costs and expectations so make sure you have a good look around and talk to the representatives involved to see if they can help your business.

If you’re looking at doing this, or if you already have but want to make sure it’s working for you, have a read through the following and see if the solution fits your situation.

Fit for your business?

  • What is the reason you are in Business?
    • Whoa, we started in the deep end with this one, but it’s easy to get distracted by day to day detail and lose track of what you’re actually trying to achieve, so make sure you’re on the right path first.
  • Where do I need help in my business?
  • What do I have to give up to achieve benefits?
  • What gives me biggest ‘bang for buck’ returns?

It’s ok to be part of more than one association, just make sure you go through these questions for each (and others that you think are important) and then look at them collectively to make sure you’re not doubling up or creating contradictions/conflicts.

As mentioned, it’s usually easier to get distracted by ‘stuff’ than staying on point so make sure you keep revisiting the first bullet point.