Full Charge Ahead

And there’s so many opportunities for leaks that we won’t be covering them all, but you probably have a fairly good idea anyway. The following are just a couple of the obvious with possible solutions.

Trained Technicians that have to spend time talking to clients (such as explaining work completed or quotes) are often doing so at the expense of chargeable hours. Either train your front office staff to a level that they can clearly and competently communicate the most common aspects of repairs and servicing, or invest in a solution that can cover these off. Some groups or associations (see tip 10) can offer this in various ways / levels.

Make sure your Technicians have a way to easily record their hours against client jobs. As per tip number 3, in addition to making it easy for customers, make it easy for your team to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Use a shared ‘Technician Scoreboard’ that sets weekly expectations and tracks live results. This makes them accountable to each other and reduces your ‘sorting stuff’ workload.Maybe even offer regular rewards or recognition of top performers.

Play the ‘Venga Boys’ in the toilets :)