Adding value

Adding value to the customer.

Isn’t about discounting the price. It’s about providing a better perceived outcome than the price. A Service is a Service. What makes one from a successful workshop different? Sometimes it’s as simple as a useful location, but usually its about all the customer interactions around the service (see tips 2 & 3). If value is added correctly and a customer’s expectations have been exceeded, cost becomes largely irrelevant.


  • Communication is vital. Customers just want to be in-the-know.
  • Convenience is the new loyalty, just make it easy for the customer.
  • Take a minute to thank the customer and compliment them on their vehicle. Zero extra work, happier customer.
  • Customers don’t see the work that’s gone into a service, they only see their car, make sure it looks better than when they dropped it off.

Adding value to your workshop

This one’s about increasing your clients dollar spend without significantly increasing your work load. Think ‘would you like fries with that’? It may be cliched, but it works.

Creating combo’s or adding ‘specials’ that cover similar work processes adds another chargeable job with minimal increase in your cost.

Quick example: Offering 25% off a wheel rotation with every service.

It’s basically ‘up-selling’ but if it’s relevant and genuinely adds value to your customer (as per example: ‘Extends tyre life’) then you’ve both added value to your work and created a happy client!

Up-selling can be difficult, particularly face to face, so let your marketing do it for you. Create a great special, print it, post it, and let your customers up-sell themselves. We even offer it on the websites we create and include a range so customers can choose their own up-sell!