Quick Key Tags - Slim Line 'Fob Fit'

Quick Key Tags - Slim Line 'Fob Fit'

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Quick Key tags are easily fitted to track clients keys, which improves your workshop flow and efficiency. NEW SHAPE: Slim line Factory Fob Key Fit!

- Features adhesive strip to attach to all factory or standard car key
- Easy write on, durable Synthetic material.. Complete with custom fields to suit your business
- Hangs smartly on a peg board or workshop hook display

Left on the keys it becomes an advertising tool.  Durable to withstand conditions in paint and panel, auto electric and mechanical workshops.

Synthetic Quick Key Tags - Slim-Line (Fob Key Fit) 
Full Colour Print | Custom Fields

  • x200     $0.72 each – $145
  • x500     $0.59 each – $295
  • x1000   $0.49  each – $495
  • x2000   $0.45  each – $895

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